Our Pride - Nomondalai Jamiyankhuu


Mongolians are continuously proving to the world their capability and their faith to their great Chinggis Khan. We would like to introduce you some Mongolian most talented and dedicated young athletes.


Nomondalai Jamiyankhuu was born in October 27th, 1997 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He has been an active member of Mongolian Gymnastic Association since 2005. Up to 2007, he won the following medals:
• In 2005, the third place from Advanced Gymnastic Competition of city of Ulaanbaatar
• In 2006, silver and bronze medal from Championship of city of Ulaanbaatar
• In 2006, bronze medal from National championship in Mongolia

Starting from 2008, he has been training at “lakeshore Academy” in Illinois, USA. During these periods he achieved the following recognitions:
• In 2008 and 2009, Illinois Championship gold medal
• In 2009, “Future Starts Region-5” Championship
• In 2010, “Future Starts Region-5”  bronze medal
• In 2010, Illinois Championship silver medal
• In 2010, “Pacific Coast Classic” level 7 Championship (one of the biggest international competition, where athletes from 37 states of USA competed)

In addition, he has competed in many regional competitions successfully, and won more than 20 gold medals. At his age, he is the most outstanding young athlete who has won over 15 trophies and 200 medals. His latest and the biggest competition was Championship of USA in April, 2011. Nomondalai Jamiyankhuu`s enormous success at this competition has leaded him to the “Junior Olympic National Championships”.
Tegshmoron Jamiyankhuu was born in November 3rd, 2002 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. As a child, he looked up to his brother`s determination. As well as his brother, he engaged to gymnastic, he is proud of his older brother Nomodalai. Tegshmoron has been training at “lakeshore Academy” and his success brought him up to level 6 in a short period of time. Meanwhile, he achieved the following recognitions:
• In 2009, 2010 and 2011, Illinois Championship bronze medals
• In 2010, “Future Starts Region-5” Championship
• In 2010, Make wish, Hawaii Pineapple and Windy city Championship (competition between states)
• In 2011, 2011-Black Jack National Championship in Las Vegas, NY
• In 2011, the third place from “Future Starts Region-5”

Between 2009 and 2011, he has competed in many regional competitions successfully, and won 16 trophies and 180 medals. Us Mongolians, we are very proud of these two dedicated young successful athlete brothers.


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