Our Board of Directors 2014 - 2016


mungunchimeg   Mungunchimeg Buriad

  1986-1990 Bachelor of Piano, Accompanying, Teaching, Gnessin’s Music College, Moscow, Russia 
  1978-1986 Music and Dance College, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

  Work experience:
  2001- present: Company Pianist, The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, USA
  1998-2009 Pianist, the School of Ballet, Chicago, USA 
  1992-1993 Pianist, Opera, Sofia, Bulgaria 
  1990-1998 Pianist, Opera, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2006 Independent concert, USA
2007 Tour concert, east to west coast USA
2002 Joint concert with Mongolian performers around USA
2010 “Ayanii Shuvuu” Mongolian musician Khangal’s Memorial Concert, Washington DC, USA

2004 Chicago Immigrant Achievement Award, the American Immigrant Law Foundation



solongo   Dr. Solongo Purev D.M.D.

   2008: Certificate of Successful Completion of Standard Proficiency in Soft Tissue Laser
   2008: Completed Level II Postgraduate Program in Esthetic Dentistry, University of MN
   2007: Completed Level I Postgraduate Program in Esthetic Dentistry, University of MN
   2005: Invisalign Certification, Minneapolis, MN
   2002: DMD School of Dental Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
   2003 General Practice Residence, Hospital Dental Clinic, University of MN
  1990: DMD Stomatology Department, Medical University of Mongolia

Work experience:
2004- present: General Dentist, Dental Health Center of MN, St. Louis Park, Minnesota
2002- present: Part time General Dentist in the Boynton Dental Clinic at the University of Minnesota

Volunteer experience:
Good Samaritan Dental Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota
Dental Mission Trip in Dominican Republic
"Give Kids a Smile" event by providing free dental care for kids 2-18 years of age

AAWD (American Association of Women Dentists)
AACD (American Association of Cosmetic Dentists)



Bolortuya Chimedregzen (Tuya Luehr )

2001: Master’s Degree in Business Administration, University of Bridgeport
1996: Master of Philosophy, National University of Mongolia
1994: Bachelor of Philosophy, National University of Mongolia
1989: High School Diploma, Honor Student

Work Experience:
2005-present: Lead Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation
2004-2005: Software Licensing Lead, Bsquare Corporation
2003-2004: Risk Control Analyst, Puget Sound Energy
2001-2002: Finance and Human Resource Officer, Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle
1996-1998: Lecturer at Political Education Academy
1994-1996: Researcher at Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Department of Philosophy and Sociology
1994-1997: Philosophy Lecturer at Military University of Mongolia

Volunteer Experience:
2006-present: Director of Sound Essence Project, a non-profit organization carrying out projects in Mongolia
2010-present: Volunteer and fundraiser at Blue Sky, a non-profit that provides scholarships to students in Mongolia
2010-present: Program Manager at Executive Development Institute, a non-governmental official organization
2008-2009: Volunteer at Kids Without Borders, a non-profit organization in Washington

Other Activities:
2009: Project Management Program, University of Washington
2008: Leadership Program, Executive Development Institute
1996-1997: Philosophy Time section’s article writer, Ulaanbaatar Newspaper



 Uranchimeg Tsultem

2009: Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
1995: Master of Arts, Mongolian University of Arts and Culture
1994: Bachelor of Arts, Mongolian University of Arts and Culture

Work Experience:
2013- present: Researcher at Library of Congress, USA
2012- present: Visiting professor at National University of Mongolia
2010- present: Professor at University of California, Berkeley
1995-2002: Professor at Mongolian University of Art and Culture
1999-2002: Curator and foreign relations officer at Union of Mongolian Artists

Organized Exhibitions:
2012: 9th Shanghai Biennale, Exhibition at Ulaanbaatar Pavillion
2011: Exhibition of 22 Mongolian Artists at HanArt Gallery, Hong Kong
2009: Institute of East Asian Studies, UC Berkeley
2007-2008: Khan Bank Gallery
2005: Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley
2001: Female Artist’s Exhibition, Frauen Museum, Bonn, Germany
2000: E&J Frankel Gallery, New York City
1999: Female Artist’s Exhibition, Ulaanbaatar
1997: Kasumi Center, Tsukuba, Japan

Published Materials:

Journal Articles:
“Zanabazar Vajrayāna Art and the State in Medieval Mongolia” in Mongolian. Acta Mongolica, Institute for Mongolian Studies, National University of Mongolia, December 2012

“Soyolmaa’s Art: Passion for Buddhist Tradition” in Japanese. Arena, vol. 14, 2012, Kyoto, Japan

Book Chapters:
“Zanabazar (1635-1723): Vajrayāna Art and the State in Medieval Mongolia” in David Gray ed., Tantric Traditions on the Move: Their Development through Time, and Transmission through Cultural Space (forthcoming: Oxford University Press, 2014)

“Struggle Through Socialism and Survival in Modernity" in Morris Rossabi ed., Mongol Art: A History (forthcoming: University of Washington Press, 2014)

“Buddhist Art of Mongolia” in Morris Rossabi ed., Mongol Art: A History (forthcoming: University of Washington Press, 2014)

“The Power and Authority of Maitreya in Mongolia” in Vesna Wallace ed., Buddhism in Mongolia (forthcoming: Oxford University Press, 2013)

“Carving and Sculpture, Metalwork and Woodwork” and “Contemporary Art and Design, and Design Infrastructure” in Haruhiko Fujita ed., Encyclopedia of Asian Design, vol. 2, “Mongolia” section (forthcoming: Berg Publishers London, 2015)

Union of Mongolian Artists-2000 (Ulaanbaatar: Art and Design Publishing, 2001)
Co-author, Modernity and Art (Ulaanbaatar, 2000)

Exhibition Catalog Essays:
▪ “Zanabazar: Art, Religion, and the Mongol Unification” in Jackie Menzies ed., Zanabazar: Mongolia’s First Living Buddha (Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 2013)
▪ “Women Artists of Mongolia” in Raiji Kuroda ed., Women Artists of Asia (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan: 2012)
▪ “Modernity and Tradition in Mongolian Contemporary Art” in Annu Wilenius ed., Bare House: Pori-Rotterdam-Ulaanbaatar (Pori Art Museum, Finland, 2011)
▪"Zanabazar’s Art: The Building of Buddhist State in late Medieval Mongolia" in Meditation. The Art of Zanabazar and His School (State Ethnographic Museum, Warsaw, Poland, 2010)
▪ “Brief Introduction to Mongolian Modern Art” in Perception and Utopia (Kerava Art Museum, Finland, 2008)
▪ “Art of Mongolia” in Mongolian Art: Origins and Present (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum: The Sankei Shimbun, Japan, 2002)
▪ “Mongolian Modern Art” in Epic of Nomads (Moran Museum of Art, Korea, 2002)



ichinhorlooIchinkhorloo Maam

2009 "Food Security” course Omaha, USA
2007 Postgraduate program, Mongolian Technical University
2004 “Public Administration Reform and hygiene and controlling infection and hygiene” training, Mongolian Academy of Management
2000 “Principles and practice of controlling risk” trainer-teacher course
1998 Postgraduate program food technology, Mongolian Technical University
1996 English beginning and intermediate course, Mongolian Youth Federation
1994 “Food security control and management” course, Ministry of Health Mongolia
1991 Postgraduate program for doctors, Alma-Atintsk Doctor’s Postgraduate Institute, Alma Ata, Russia 1983 Postgraduate program for Hygiene doctor, Medical University of Mongolia
1979 Bachelor of Hygiene Doctor, Medical University of Mongolia

Work experience:
2010 – present Board Member, Health and Security NPO, Mongolia
2008 – 2010 State Food Hygiene Inspector, Bayanzurkh District Office
2003 – 2008 Health and Education Control Inspector, City Professional controlling Agency
1997 – 2003 Hygiene Control Inspector, Chingeltei Ditrict Office
1983 – 1997 Hygiene Control Inspector, Bayanzurkh Ditrict Office
1981 – 1983 Hygiene and Infection Control Inspector, City Governor’s t Office
1979 – 1981 Hygiene Control Inspector, Dornogobi Province Governor’s Office

Narantuya Luvsanpuntsag

2006: Yo Su Island Seminar in North Korea.
2005: Multi Country Women's Seminar in Beijing.
2000: Academy of Management
1995: “Family and Human Relations” Seminar in Washington D.C.
1998-1995: Master of Law in Labor and Family Relations, Lomonosov University, Russia.
Work Experience:
2006-Present: Founder of "Oulen Ehiin Oyuniig Badraah" Center, which provides family advising and relationship services nationally. Sixteen years of consulting experience 1999-2008: Vice president of DEEEMH. 2005-2008: Attorney at National Authority for Children, a government agency
1998-2004: Director at Darkhan-Uul Province’s Wedding Palace
1995-1998: Attorney at Darkhan-Uul Province’s Governor Office.
Published books:
1. Family Relation 1
2. The Secret of Family Relation 2
3. Child Development of New Era
4. Handbook of Psychological Matters for Families
5. The Secret of Perfect Family Relations



Tsengelsaikhan Zad

2005, 2006: Leadership training by United Nations Development Programme
2001: Master of Public Administration, Academy of Management
1998: Master of Health Science
1998: Graduate Assistant in Sweden public training center
1980: Pediatrician and otolaryngologist degree, Health Sciences University of Mongolia

2010: Awarded “Embroiderer of Mongolia” title
2003: Earned chief officer rank from Civil Service Office

Work experience:
1990-present: Chief of Darkhan City Women’s Association
2001-2006: General Manager at Province Governor’s Office, Advising director at Division of Civil Office, Director at Division of Public Administration Department
1994, 1996, 2000, 2004: Darkhan-Uul Province’s Civil Representative Committee Member
1994-2000: Secretary at Darkhan-Uul Province’s Civil Representative Committee
1992-1993: General Practice Doctor at Province Hospital
1990: Deputy of National Assembly in Darkhan City
1980-1990: Darkhan City Hospital general practice doctor and otolaryngologist

2005-present: Director of Mongolian Embroiderer’s non-profit organization “Egneshgyi Sanaa”
1990-present: General Council member of Mongolian Women’s Federation

Initiated Works:
•Local Management Association
•Local nursing and care for girls and mothers
•“My Mongolia” recreational park
•“Duujiin” Bridge
•Family recreational park
•Darkhan City development symbolization flag
•Created a documentary and gathered documentations for registering Mongolian double embroidery and running stitch in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.



Bayarmaa Namhaidorj

2008: Law degree from University of Federal Investigation
2005: Trainer, teacher degree from Wrestling Institute
1996: City high school number 67

Work Experience:
1996-present: National team athlete, Bayanzurkh District Police Department, Senior Police Officer

Local Awards:
2012: Weightlifting Cup Tournament, 63kg, gold medal
2011: Strength Triathlon National Championship, gold medal
2011: Weightlifting National Championship, 63kg, gold medal
2010: “Mongol Tamga” Weight throw competition, gold medal
2010: “Hych” Weightlifting Championship, 63kg, gold medal
2010: Strength Triathlon National Championship, 67.5 kg, gold medal
2010: Weightlifting National Championship, 63kg, gold medal
2009: Weightlifting Cup Tournament, gold medal
2008: National Police Department, champion athlete
2008: Mongolian “Spartiakad”, 63kg, gold medal
2008: Weight Throw competition, second place
2007: Strength Triathlon National Championship, four gold medals
2007: Weightlifting National Championship, 63kg, gold medal
2007: “Mongol Tamga” Weight throw competition, second place
2006: Weightlifting National Championship, 63kg, gold medal
2005: Strength Triathlon National Championship, 65kg, four gold medals, set record
2004: Weightlifting National Championship, 63kg, gold medal
2003: Weightlifting National Championship, 63kg, gold medal
2003: “Altjin” Company hosted weightlifting competition, 63kg, gold medal
2002: “Montekh” Company hosted weightlifting competition , 63kg, gold medal
2002: Weightlifting National Championship, 63kg, gold medal
2001: Weightlifting competition hosted by “Eermel”, 63 kg, gold medal
2001: Weightlifting competition in honor of D. Tsambahorol, 63 kg, gold medal
2001: Weightlifting National Championship, 58kg, gold medal
2001: MEB Club competition, 58 kg, gold medal
2000: City of Ulaanbaatar weightlifting championship, 63kg, gold medal
1999: Sambo wrestling Mongolian “Spartiakad”, bronze medal
1998: Judo wrestling National Championship, 57kg, bronze medal
1997: Sambo wrestling National Championship, gold medal
1996: Sambo wrestling National Championship, 56kg, bronze medal
1995: Judo wrestling National Championship, 56kg, bronze medal
1994: Judo wrestling National Championship, 56kg, bronze medal
1993: Sambo wrestling National Championship, 52kg, bronze medal

International Awards and Recognitions:
2010: Strength Triathlon Asian Championship, four silver medals
2008: Beijing Olympics, special prize
2008: Asian Cup Tournament Championship, two gold and one silver medal
2005: Asian Cup Tournament Championship, three silver medals
2005: East Asian Games, bronze medal
2004: Participated in Athens Olympics
1997: Sambo wrestling Asian Championship, 60kg, silver medal
1996: Asian Junior Games, judo wrestling, 52 kg, silver medal
Set new Mongolian records 108 times

Civilian Awards:
•State Merit Athlete
•“Altangadas” Medal
•Medal of Honor
•Sport’s Champion Athlete












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