Mongolian Women's Development Foundation





MWDF’s goal is to develop women’s skills and abilities to increase their social and economic standing, and to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, and lead lives they value.


MWDF mission is to help women grow and succeed in the following five areas:

Physical Development

  • Sports and health – to increase women’s physical capabilities through sports events, provide assistance in staying fit and leading an active lifestyle, support Mongolian women to make success in sports.

    “Active lifestyle creates lively people”
  • Food and Nutrition – to promote healthy eating for women, improve their knowledge of daily nutritional intake, and help defend their immune system.
    “Healthy thinking comes from a healthy body”

Mind Development

  • Education – help women reach their full potential.

    “Knowledge – a power no one can steal”
  • Art and culture – to boost women’s creative thinking, expose them to different cultures, and provide fresh perspectives to increase their global thinking.

    “Creative thinking, creative solutions”
  • Empower women – spread positive thinking, help women to create an environment in accord to their needs and interests, expand their choices in advancing women’s life.

    “Empower, Engage, Enable”


“Be Active, Be Happy”

Sport & Health

sport & health
Active lifestyle creates lively people


Help women reach their full potential

Art & Culture

art & culture
Creative thinking, creative solutions

Food & Nutrition

food & nutrition
Healthy thinking comes from
a healthy body. more ...